World Assembly Election
(1st convocation: 2015/2024...)

District 31-ke (Kenya)

Telephone code: +254
4 deputies to elect, at least 5 candidates needed

To become a candidate to the Assembly for THIS district a person should

1. Be or become a Facebook user and place on his/her Facebook user page timeline ( the following banner. To do it make a status post with link to THIS page: , the banner usually is added automatically, but it depends of your Facebook settings. If the banner does not appear, write the same text in letters - "I am a candidate to the World Assembly - - for district...(and so on)" - with link in Facebook timeline. You can add any other details in that timeline entry. And

2. After that nominate himself/herself by sending SMS message to the World Election Department (WED) from a telephone number belonging to the chosen district code or ask a trustee from the district to do so. WED will not disclose phone numbers used for nomination. To do it first send email with link to your Facebook page to You will receive reply with WED telephone number and code word or number to send. It will cost you according to your mobile provider's tariffs for SMS to Russia. If there occur any problems with SMS, WED will suggest another procedure to prove that you are connected with the district.

You can additionaly announce nomination on The World Government Facebook page.

Nominations will be received till 24:00 UTC of the last day of the month after there become more candidates in district than deputies to elect there. Not more than one nomination from the same telephone number is accepted. Nomination of a person without consent banner (or line) in Facebook will be declined.

WED will register (or reject) candidate within 48 hours after nomination, provided above mentioned conditions are fulfilled. After registered, candidate cannot change the district. He/she can withdraw his/her candidacy, but cannot be nominated again in the same or other district.

In case of any troubles with nomination process report to


Nobody yet registered

1-cn 2-in (elect 10 deputies for each) 3-us 1 4-id 5-br 1 6-pk 7-ng 8-bd 9-ru 1 10-jp 11-mx (elect 5) 12-ph 13-et 14-vn 15-de 1 16-eg 17-ir 18-tr 19-cd 20-th 21-fr 22-uk 23-it 24-mm 25-za 26-kr 27-tz 28-co 29-es 30-ua 31-ke 32-ar 33-dz 34-pl 35-sd 36-ug 37-ca 38-iq 39-ma 40-af 41-ve 42-pe 43-my 44-uz 45-sa 46-np 47-gh 48-mz 49-kp 50-ye 51-au 52-tw 53-mg 54-cm 55-sy 56-ro 57-ao 58-lk 59-ci 60-ne 61-cl 62-bf 63-nl 64-kz 65-mw 66-ec 67-gt 68-ml 69-kh 70-zm 71-zw 72-sn 73-td 74-rw 75-gn 76-ss 77-cu 78-gr 79-be 80-tn 81-cz 82-bo 83-pt 84-so 85-do 86-bj 87-ht 88-bi (elect 4) 89-hu 90-se 91-rs 92-az 93-by 94-ae 95-at 96-tj 97-hn 98-ch 99-il 100-pg 101-jo 102-bg 103-hk 104-tg 105-py 106-la 107-sv 108-er 109-ly 110-sl 111-ni 112-dk 113-kg 114-sk 115-fi 116-sg 117-tm 118-no (elect 3) 119-cr 120-lb 121-ie 122-cf 123-nz 124-cg 125-ge 126-ps 127-lr 128-hr 129-mr 130-pa 131-ba 132-pr 133-om 134-md 135-uy 136-kw 137-al 138-lt 139-am 140-mn 141-jm 142-na 143-qa 144-mk 145-ls 146-si 147-lv 1 148-bw (elect 2) 149-gm 150-gw 151-ga 152-tt 153-bh 154-ee 155-sz 156-mu 157-cy 158-tl 159-re 160-fj 161-dj 162-gy 163-gq 164-bt 165-km 166-me 167-mo 168-sb 169-sr 170-lu 171-cv 172-gp 173-mt 174-bn 175-mq 176-bs 177-mv 178-bz 179-is 180-bb 181-pf 182-nc 183-vu 184-gf 185-c1 186-a1 187-st 188-ws 189-e1 190-c2 191-lc 192-cw 193-gu 194-o1 195-vc 196-vi 197-gd 198-to 199-fm 200-aw 201-ki 202-o2 203-sc (elect 1)

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